Sunday, 9 September 2007

Apples And Oranges: The Collapse of World Trade Centre 7.

What we have here is strong evidence supporting the Controlled Demolition of this building on 911. This sort of work requires extensive access to the building and takes weeks to carry out. Something Bin Laden's men could not have done. The implied argument here is a good one.

However, when you take into consideration the results of scientific analysis conducted on samples of the World Trade Centre Steel, which show a Thermate EXPLOSIVE signature, you can only conclude that 911 was an Inside Job.
... a pity that the mainstream press is unable to come to terms with the reality of what occurred (although I would bet that many US corporate media owners actively cover-up such establishment rocking material).

What we need to see, right now, in order to stop any further false flag terror attacks, is a round-up of suspects in this crime. US Military and Judicial authorities need to assemble the relevant evidence and act.

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