Monday, 10 September 2007

The 6th Anniversary of 911: An Open Letter to the Mainstream Media on The Validity of the Inside Job Hypothesis.

Once again it is almost upon us- another anniversary of the 911 attacks, and the mainstream media has yet to come to terms with the substantial body of evidence revealing that this horror must have been a false flag operation. At present over a 150 Architects and Engineers now support this view at The physical evidence is overwhelming.
To the doubters I can only ask whether all these professionals are wacko ? It is worth a look to see what they actually have to say.

One thing you must be mindful about is that the Official 911 Report is a PROVEN pack of lies & subsequent "scientific" studies backing up this narrative have turned out to be shameful deceptions. The oft cited Popular Mechanics rebuttal to the Inside Job hypothesis is a sham. Likewise the Purdue University endorsement of the official NISTs investigation into the WTC attacks is an absolute joke. The lesson here is that just because a report is written by scientists does not make it scientific. Explanations need to be logical and based on verifiable fact.

Without a doubt, part of the 911 attacks MUST have involved inside help. You should consider these 4 physical proofs indicating that Explosive Demolition WAS used to bring down the buildings at the World Trade Centre site- this is something Bin Laden's men could not have done. They are:
1. the Tons of Molten Steel found in the rubble,
2. the detection of Thermate EXPLOSIVE products in the Steel and Dust taken from Ground Zero,
3. the freefall, low resistance collapse time of all the WTC buildings,
4. the very fact that a third, relatively undamaged skyscraper (WTC 7), collapsed at all.

How the operation was achieved is beyond me, but that is a question for later. As has been pointed out- in typical fire investigations- once clear evidence of arson, such as petrol residue, is discovered then a criminal investigation is required regardless as to the specific details of how the petrol was employed. Common sense would tell you that investigations into 911 require a similar approach.

My primary concern at the moment is that despite the damning, irrefutable evidence for the 911 Inside Job, the mainstream media is loath to touch the subject. With respect, it appears that ignorance, ego and fear are stopping most journalists from even looking at the evidence.

The problem remains that if 911 was a staged attack one would assume there could very well be another. Recent comments from the US Vice President and the Homeland Security Chief, indicate they are "expecting" further attacks on the US mainland in the near future. Let us hope they are not thinking about employing chemical or nuclear devices this time around.

On the eve of the 6th Anniversary of 911, I hope your paper/program can run this story about the serious physical evidence which shows the September 11 attacks must have been an inside job. A serious discussion about the scientific evidence, the Molten Steel, the Thermate explosive products, needs to occur. Something MUST to be done to stop any further attacks and to see the protagonists of the original crime brought to Justice.

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