Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Warnings of New 911 style Attack within the Next 4 Weeks (up to Sept. 21)

There's a 4.5 Billion Dollar Stockmarket "bet" that markets will fall 30-50%.
Right before 911 similar financial bets were place against United Airlines and American Airlines stocks. This is a serious warning to everyone about a new attack since the person who placed the bets will loose substantially if nothing happens.

Mystery trader bets markets will drop by 30%.

Ex-US Congresswoman McKinney and others report warnings of possible new attacks on the US in the near future.


Ben said...

Now is the time to erect the only possible deterrent, before an attack occurs: http://www.petitiononline.com/Mekkah/petition.html
Join me in disrespectfully demanding official public declaration of Mecca as default retaliatory target. Nothing else matters to Muslims. They welcome death as their ticket to the celestial bordello. But, if the Hajj is impossible because the Kaaba is destroyed, millions of Muslims will be condemned to the eternal fire. This will make them think twice. Sign it and spread it; send the url to comments@whitehouse.gov.

scipio said...

Great point Ben. If the Muslim community wants to join the civilized world, twisted as that world is by the demands of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), they should welcome the responsibility for their own psychotics, as we would be doing if some born-again Christian in their Purity of Essence (POE) decided to hasten along the Apocalypse by nuking Moscow. As a matter of fact, Sunnis and Shiites should be wary of some Muslim psycho using a suitcase nuke to settle a religious dispute going back over a thousand years. The Muslims should be compelled to settle this dispute now or else issue a fatwa on any Muslim who proposes killing as a way to settle disputes with anyone, Christian, Muslim or atheistic communists (a group larger than the above religious groups. If not, many more will be calling for Mecca to be destroyed. How many cities must we lose to these psychotics before we get really tough and not the piss-proud prancing about of our chicken-hawk in-chief?

John O'Neill, Kyle, TX said...

These warnings are definitely to be taken seriously. In addition, we must all start to concentrate on the Big Picture. The Elite, Illuminati, pig demons, or whatever you want to call them are planning to cull off a major portion of the world's population. It's a long term plan, however, many including myself believe this is the last generation to have an effect on the greatest nightmare this earth will ever see. Gloom and doom? No, it's called reality. Check it out for yourself at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Alan Watt is an extraordinary researcher and can articulate this information better than no one I've ever heard. Check it out. Listen to the blurbs and decide for yourself. We're running out of time.

John O'Neill
Kyle, TX