Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Despite the fact there is a preponderance of evidence that proves the September 11 Terror Attacks were an Inside Job many people have problems accepting this harsh reality.

There are two main reasons for this situation;
*The first is an understandable ignorance of the basic facts,
*and secondly (compounding this lack of knowledge) is the stigma surrounding ALL conspiracy material as representative of the "tin foil hat wearing" fraternity.
Sometimes, even for myself, I find it hard to accept that 911 was a false flag operation - however, the hard evidence leaves me no choice.

The reason for this essay is that it is important to recognise the process which is hindering the further disseminating of the truth, and delaying justice. This is why I think it is important for people who are still in denial to read this review and reflect about their views on the 911 crime.


For many people 911 is simply a step too far in terms of acceptable reality.

When we consider the deliberate lies that lead to the Iraq War we find they are readily believable because they fit into most people's preconceived views (knowledge) of the world and this war. The crime of politicians lying to start a War, although heinous, is not overly confronting. The 911 Horror, on the other hand, is a highly provocative event that is difficult to accept as anything other than the work of outsiders. The emotional impact is huge for anyone, the terror ingrained. After all, someone seriously tried to kill "us"- and to consider that it may be members of our own Western society is naturally abhorrent.

Part of the problem lies with the lack of familiarity with the evidence proving the conspiracy. Since this evidence is not readily accepted in our mainstream media it is dismissed. It's a circular pattern. Those who might publish it in the mainstream are not prepared to publish outlandish "fringe" ideas that are not in the mainstream. Compounding this problem is the reluctance of knowledgeable mainstream scientists to consider the 911 "fringe" material simply because of a lack of mainstream scientific consensus. More circular reasoning ! This is why a general understanding of the truth requires independent minds to take a good second look at the scientific arguments posted on the world wide web.

The unfortunate reality is that most people simply do not have the time to take a good look at "complicated" conspiracy material. It is often too difficult a step for them to gather in all the information required to make sense of the conspiracy claims. Most folks will tend to misunderstand the issues and might assume the conspiracy claims need to involve thousands of officials and other such nonsense. People will ask disbelievingly, "how could anyone pull off such a stunt and why ?" In the end lots of people will dismiss the whole 911 Inside Job evidence out of hand as being impossible. Even people who do take some time to look further will tend to accept, without much question, the easy to digest, pseudo science and conclusions put out from official sources like FEMA, NISTs and Popular Mechanics. However, a look at the rigorous pro-conspiracy scientific data shows that the official story cannot possibly be correct, that there is an abundance of evidence indicating alternate motives for the attacks. The difficulty with 911, a false flag operation, is that it is beyond the scope and the general knowledge of most people. It lies outside most people's experience requiring a level of intellectual effort in order to recognise the truth. It is the Big Lie put to the ordinary citizen, that is, for now, working fairly well. (...thank God for the Internet)


Apart from being "outright unbelievable", 911 also fits neatly into the "conspiracy nut" paradigm. This adds another level to the a priori tendency to disbelieve any conspiracy claim. Most people are conditioned to treat any conspiracy claims as rubbish. They are embarrassed to admit to "believing in conspiracies" because of the association it has with the irrational. Here we find a huge problem in that there are lots of outlandish conspiracy claims and few credible ones, thus the well is poisoned. This makes the acceptance of ANY conspiracy claims extremely difficult as it requires more intellectual effort to get beyond the superficial perception surrounding these kinds of matters. It's an uphill fight. But conspiracies do occur. Many corporate crimes that appear before the courts involve charges of Criminal Conspiracy and we have historical examples of government run false flag terror operations and planning for such false flag attacks. It is simply a case of educating one's self to see beyond the conspiracy stigma- a difficult proposition for many.

The 911 Attacks, no matter what your opinion, could only have been an Inside Job. The evidence is in. We have the World Trade Centre free fall collapse times, the tonnes of Molten Steel found under the rubble, the signature of Thermate Explosives found on the metal collected from ground zero, the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7 etc etc etc. The official account is a lie.

Ultimately we must go by the evidence rather than our preconceived ideas. As Galileo said 400 years ago "In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." Check the evidence.

With all knowledge we will find that we can usually work out and accept the easy stuff first and then the more difficult stuff later. So it is true with 911 knowledge. At this present time 911 truth lies just outside most people's experience. The more subtle the thing, the more challenging it is too explain. The more emotionally binding and socially acceptable the idea the harder it is to summon the maturity and courage to confront one's ingrained assumptions. Thankfully with 911 the evidence is so strong proving the Inside Job that, with a bit of effort, we might very well see a paradigm shift on this issue, no matter the obstacles- much like we see in science when new theories are brought forward. All we need is a lot of persistence and eventually we might see some real justice served out to the criminals responsible.

Mainstream 911 truth articles need to address ordinary people's misconceptions about 911 while presenting the core scientific evidence such as the material concerning the WTC towers. We need 911 justice now to stop the War in Iraq and the upcoming action in Iran.
J.S. Nielsen

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