Thursday, 12 July 2007

Visiting CIA Veteran: The War in Iraq and Aghanistan is Lost.
I guess he is right !!

One thing about CIA types. Even though some might appear "good", and talk good sense they are still spooks. I can have one level of conversation about things that I would give a modified conversation to other people to avoid getting in a big argument over certain controversial issues. He is likely to know a lot of things that we might guess about, for which he has hard information that is classified. Thus gives us a nicer version of events when speaking on the public record.
His CV also says he helped set up the torture rendition flights in 1995.... nasty !!
I guess if you wanna torture people "legally" to find out about Iraqi "nookular" weapons and WMDs - that did not exist, then it's all good !!

It's a pity all these spooks (maybe not this guy?) are NOT fully doing their jobs in protecting ordinary people. I mean, if I was them I'd be looking to infiltrate terror groups and have spies- which they do- but they also set up false flag ops and run drugs and all manner of questionable stuff ... and these intelligence people end up defending their crooked system.... and then ordinary people get killed for this "higher" twisted "big picture" system. Those maintaining this power relationship, including information power, are all about protecting the status quo. Power protecting power in order to maintain leverage. It's all about power relationships. Playing the game. (I'm sure ex-FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has something to say about that, if she could speak. She is legally gagged from revealing the criminal [intelligence] activities she uncovered between certain countries in relation to the 911 attacks- including the USA.)

I listen to these CIA folks, but I don't trust em. Nevertheless, in this case, the CIA guy here seemed to be talking good sense.
Thanks for the link Mr Brentos !

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