Saturday, 14 July 2007

Leading Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Warns on Contrived War Against Iran and Economic Depression.
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul seems to be the ONLY Candidate able fix (or at least address) many of the serious problems blighting the USA- problems which also impact the rest of the world.

In a interview with radio host Alex Jones, Paul agreed that there is a real chance of a Gulf of Tonkin-type incident in the works for Iran (a staged event). As we all know, the Neo Cons are desperate to engage Iran militarily. Furthermore, Iran has recently stopped trading its oil in US dollars (the oil trade currency), telling Japan that they will accept Yen. This threatens the value of the US dollar which is already sliding against many currencies.

Paul also warns of the crisis in the US economy- that the debt laden economy is unsustainable and is set to fail in the near future.

Watch out for another unnecessary War and economic calamity just around the corner. US citizens, write your papers and elected leaders and tell them you want Bush and Cheney held to account for the LIES that started the previous War in Iraq. Hold them accountable for ALL their illegal actions & stop the next War.

Check out the MP3 radio interview with Paul at the end of the article.

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