Sunday, 29 July 2007

Ron Paul Needs YOUR Help.

American citizens. Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate that can fix your broken country. The establishment media is already censoring his message and he is likely to face Vote Rigging in his upcoming campaigns. Ron Paul, and the US as a whole, needs your help. Email this clip to your friends, get out in the streets and show your support. Don't let the establishment win. Mass rallies are needed. Take back your country.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

The Iraq War Crime: The Legal Argument Proving the Case

Don't be fooled by the Cat. If the Iraq War was illegal then those who launched the operation in 2003 need to be arrested NOW. US Military and Judicial chiefs need to act immediately. They MUST remove the President, Vice President, ex-Defence Secretary Rumsfeld plus many others, and hold them without bail until trial. The US Constitution demands it.


The real suspects in the 911 murders need to be ARRESTED NOW and held as Unlawful Enemy Combatants. US Military and Judicial authorites must do their DUTY to the Constitution and act immediately.

(thanks to Pete for the link !)

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Reports of Increased US Military Activity - Iran the Next Target ?
Specific areas of increased US Military activity seem to indicate an upcoming large scale operation. I would guess that Iran is in big trouble.

We might be in big trouble too if the planners intend to kick of this new war with some sort of false falg attack.

Watch out for all the repercussions: oil prices through the roof, stock markets on the skids, loss of civil liberties etc.

US B-2 Stealth Bombers Modified to Carry New Massive Bunker Buster Bombs (for use against Iran).
B-2 Stealth Bombers in the US are set to be equipped with a new massive 30,000 pound (13,600kg) bunker buster bomb. Iranian nuclear facilities are deep underground and the new bomb is what would be required to get to it.

This Iran War stuff is rubbish tho. So what if the Iranians have a nuclear reactor ?

Reports that Iran wanted to wipe Israel off the map were complete lies. The Iranian government wanted to see an end to the current regime in Palestine. Iran is not stupid enough to use nuclear weapons if they ever made any. If Iran bombed Israel they'd be killing themselves (and their allies the Palestinians). If Iran did do any bombing, Israel and America would turn Iran into a glass carpark.

The worse thing that could happen now is for the Americans to bomb Iran and encourage support for the hardliners in that country. Then we might see some sort of regional escalation in violence.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

US Stock Market Crisis Looms
US Hedge Funds are set to collapse and kill the stock market.

Too much bad money out there means a lot of the sharemarket is greatly overvalued -much of the growth was based on bad debt/finances. This came about due to low interest rates and easy credit courtesy of the ex-Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan.

Recently 20 billion dollars in two Funds were totally wiped out ... and there's more of these to come. Lower your expose to debt if you can, and be aware that the market may be headed for trouble soon. The only problem is guessing the "when", not the "if".

Monday, 23 July 2007

USA set for Another 911 False Flag Catastrophe and/or Attack on Iran.

US neo-conservative leaders appear to have things set up for another, probably worse, 911-type false flag catastrophe. The following indicators are quite troubling and point to an new attack coming in the near future (which will probably blamed on Iran).

1. FEMA has recently established a number of detainment camps throughout the US, in preparation for any number of upheveals. According to the report, many camps are staffed and ready to go, although they lack inmates. In relation to this there are contingency plans for drafting American males into the armed forces in a time of crisis. Those that refuse would be subject to incarceration (jail) and could be sent to the FEMA camps. The key question is- why all this effort to build these empty camps unless someone plans to use them ?

2. US citizens protesting the Iraq War can now have their assets confiscated if they speak out thanks to new Executive Orders signed by President Bush. Previous Executive Orders have eliminated the right to a fair trial. Perhaps we will see War dissenters (along with draft resisters) sent to those FEMA camps, without trial, for an indefinite time.

3. Recently Vice President Dick Cheney and Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff have gone on record as saying they have fears and a "gut feeling" (Chertoff) that new terror attacks are likely this (northern) summer. The first attack (911) was an Inside Job, and it looks like we might be getting another. If there is going to be a new attack then these guys should know, especially Cheney. This time the fear mongering might be real considering the Executive Orders, the FEMA camps and the increased rhetoric against Iran.

Along with an attack on the US mainland, it is likely we will see a staged attack conducted on US warships in the Persian Gulf, that will be blamed on Iran.

To avert this crisis we need independent US Military, Judicial and Law Enforcement Chiefs to take action NOW and draw up a list of suspects- US neo-conservative officials including the President and Vice President, and certain US military officers - and hold them as Unlawful Enemy Combatants in relation to the terror attacks of 911. The US Constitution demands such action- defend your country against threats both foreign and domestic. This may be the only way in which to avoid the next 911 and a war with Iran.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Interview with Daily Show Host Jon Stewart.

Although he says he's not a journalist, Comedian Jon Stewart consistently exposes the spin* put out by US politicians for what it really is. In this PBS Interview we can see some great moments from The Daily Show featuring Bush, Gonzales and Dick Cheney.
We salute you Mr Stewart !

*Please note: Uncritically accepted spin from the Bush Administration is the reason we have the Iraq War (we went to Iraq in order to stop Saddam's WMD threat). Uncritically reported political spin, repeated ad nauseum, in the corporate mainstream media equals Propaganda. On the critical issues the mainstream US media is a large part of the problem.

(thanks to Tired for the link !)

Friday, 20 July 2007

The Liars who Started the Iraq War vs An Increacingly Angry American Population.

I'm sure these arrogant people think they are justified in doing what they did and are living securely in the knowledge that they will never be held accountable for any of their actions. The fact is they deliberately fudged the Intelligence (they lied) in order to launch an unnecessary War of Aggression in Iraq. -no one would have supported the War without this propaganda. Such actions constitute a War Crime and they must stand trial.

If these politicians and officials think they will get away with what they did then they are gravely mistaken. There is a growing number of angry Americans out there who want to see justice served. The US corporate media can only cover-up the growing unrest for so long.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Read This: Letter from Pro-911 Conspiracy Scientist showing Officially Sanctioned University Study into 911 is an Absolute Joke.
In this letter to the head of Purdue University, scientist Kevin Ryan reveals the complete joke that was the University's 911 Study that acted as an "independent" endorsement of the official investigation into the attacks on the World Trade Centre Buildings.

The Purdue University study was widely reported in the media as providing final confirmation of the official NISTs investigation into the WTC attacks. What we have however, is a total disgrace-a scientific fraud- one that the media lapped up.

The mistakes that Ryan points out here are very basic. Do yourself a favour and check it out as the letter is not long. Justice has not been served.


Gross CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE or deliberate sabotage from those Neocons giving the orders from the top ? You be the judge.
In either case a criminal investigation is warranted.
The Democrats will not even Impeach Bush and Cheney for the lies that started the war in the first place. Disgraceful.

The USA, drowning in its own corruption will unravel, and it will be ugly.

(thanks to Jonesy for the clip !)

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Despite the fact there is a preponderance of evidence that proves the September 11 Terror Attacks were an Inside Job many people have problems accepting this harsh reality.

There are two main reasons for this situation;
*The first is an understandable ignorance of the basic facts,
*and secondly (compounding this lack of knowledge) is the stigma surrounding ALL conspiracy material as representative of the "tin foil hat wearing" fraternity.
Sometimes, even for myself, I find it hard to accept that 911 was a false flag operation - however, the hard evidence leaves me no choice.

The reason for this essay is that it is important to recognise the process which is hindering the further disseminating of the truth, and delaying justice. This is why I think it is important for people who are still in denial to read this review and reflect about their views on the 911 crime.


For many people 911 is simply a step too far in terms of acceptable reality.

When we consider the deliberate lies that lead to the Iraq War we find they are readily believable because they fit into most people's preconceived views (knowledge) of the world and this war. The crime of politicians lying to start a War, although heinous, is not overly confronting. The 911 Horror, on the other hand, is a highly provocative event that is difficult to accept as anything other than the work of outsiders. The emotional impact is huge for anyone, the terror ingrained. After all, someone seriously tried to kill "us"- and to consider that it may be members of our own Western society is naturally abhorrent.

Part of the problem lies with the lack of familiarity with the evidence proving the conspiracy. Since this evidence is not readily accepted in our mainstream media it is dismissed. It's a circular pattern. Those who might publish it in the mainstream are not prepared to publish outlandish "fringe" ideas that are not in the mainstream. Compounding this problem is the reluctance of knowledgeable mainstream scientists to consider the 911 "fringe" material simply because of a lack of mainstream scientific consensus. More circular reasoning ! This is why a general understanding of the truth requires independent minds to take a good second look at the scientific arguments posted on the world wide web.

The unfortunate reality is that most people simply do not have the time to take a good look at "complicated" conspiracy material. It is often too difficult a step for them to gather in all the information required to make sense of the conspiracy claims. Most folks will tend to misunderstand the issues and might assume the conspiracy claims need to involve thousands of officials and other such nonsense. People will ask disbelievingly, "how could anyone pull off such a stunt and why ?" In the end lots of people will dismiss the whole 911 Inside Job evidence out of hand as being impossible. Even people who do take some time to look further will tend to accept, without much question, the easy to digest, pseudo science and conclusions put out from official sources like FEMA, NISTs and Popular Mechanics. However, a look at the rigorous pro-conspiracy scientific data shows that the official story cannot possibly be correct, that there is an abundance of evidence indicating alternate motives for the attacks. The difficulty with 911, a false flag operation, is that it is beyond the scope and the general knowledge of most people. It lies outside most people's experience requiring a level of intellectual effort in order to recognise the truth. It is the Big Lie put to the ordinary citizen, that is, for now, working fairly well. (...thank God for the Internet)


Apart from being "outright unbelievable", 911 also fits neatly into the "conspiracy nut" paradigm. This adds another level to the a priori tendency to disbelieve any conspiracy claim. Most people are conditioned to treat any conspiracy claims as rubbish. They are embarrassed to admit to "believing in conspiracies" because of the association it has with the irrational. Here we find a huge problem in that there are lots of outlandish conspiracy claims and few credible ones, thus the well is poisoned. This makes the acceptance of ANY conspiracy claims extremely difficult as it requires more intellectual effort to get beyond the superficial perception surrounding these kinds of matters. It's an uphill fight. But conspiracies do occur. Many corporate crimes that appear before the courts involve charges of Criminal Conspiracy and we have historical examples of government run false flag terror operations and planning for such false flag attacks. It is simply a case of educating one's self to see beyond the conspiracy stigma- a difficult proposition for many.

The 911 Attacks, no matter what your opinion, could only have been an Inside Job. The evidence is in. We have the World Trade Centre free fall collapse times, the tonnes of Molten Steel found under the rubble, the signature of Thermate Explosives found on the metal collected from ground zero, the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7 etc etc etc. The official account is a lie.

Ultimately we must go by the evidence rather than our preconceived ideas. As Galileo said 400 years ago "In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." Check the evidence.

With all knowledge we will find that we can usually work out and accept the easy stuff first and then the more difficult stuff later. So it is true with 911 knowledge. At this present time 911 truth lies just outside most people's experience. The more subtle the thing, the more challenging it is too explain. The more emotionally binding and socially acceptable the idea the harder it is to summon the maturity and courage to confront one's ingrained assumptions. Thankfully with 911 the evidence is so strong proving the Inside Job that, with a bit of effort, we might very well see a paradigm shift on this issue, no matter the obstacles- much like we see in science when new theories are brought forward. All we need is a lot of persistence and eventually we might see some real justice served out to the criminals responsible.

Mainstream 911 truth articles need to address ordinary people's misconceptions about 911 while presenting the core scientific evidence such as the material concerning the WTC towers. We need 911 justice now to stop the War in Iraq and the upcoming action in Iran.
J.S. Nielsen

The Mossad and 911

Suspects, wanted in connection with the murders of 911. ...and they let them all go .... and the media forgot about the whole thing ...

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

First "Robot" Ground Attack Squadron Sent to Iraq.
The US Air Force is sending a whole squadron of remotely controlled "predator"-type aircraft to Iraq (and some to Afghanistan). These ones are almost as big as a modern jet fighter and can carry lots of munitions.

You might be interested to know that the
Pentagon is also spending billions of dollars on
Robot soldiers too. The technology reminds me
of the Terminator movies. Let's just hope the
Pentagon doesn't invent an artificial intelligence
command and control computer in order to
"co-ordinate" all these nasties !

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Apples and Oranges: World Trade Centre Building 7.

What we have here is strong evidence supporting the Controlled Demolition of this building on 911. This sort of work requires extensive access to the building and takes weeks to carry out. Something Bin Laden's men could not have done. The implied argument here is a good one.

However, when you add the results of a scientific analysis on the World Trade Centre Steel showing a Thermate EXPLOSIVE signature, you can only conclude that 911 was an Inside Job.
... a pity that the mainstream press is unable to come to terms with the reality of what occurred (although I would bet that many US corporate media owners actively cover-up such establishment rocking material).

What we need to see, right now, in order to stop any further false flag terror attacks, is a round-up of suspects in this crime to be held as Unlawful Enemy Combatants.
Perhaps they can be held at Guantanimo Bay until the trial.

The Earth, if Humans Disappeared Overnight...

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Leading Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Warns on Contrived War Against Iran and Economic Depression.
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul seems to be the ONLY Candidate able fix (or at least address) many of the serious problems blighting the USA- problems which also impact the rest of the world.

In a interview with radio host Alex Jones, Paul agreed that there is a real chance of a Gulf of Tonkin-type incident in the works for Iran (a staged event). As we all know, the Neo Cons are desperate to engage Iran militarily. Furthermore, Iran has recently stopped trading its oil in US dollars (the oil trade currency), telling Japan that they will accept Yen. This threatens the value of the US dollar which is already sliding against many currencies.

Paul also warns of the crisis in the US economy- that the debt laden economy is unsustainable and is set to fail in the near future.

Watch out for another unnecessary War and economic calamity just around the corner. US citizens, write your papers and elected leaders and tell them you want Bush and Cheney held to account for the LIES that started the previous War in Iraq. Hold them accountable for ALL their illegal actions & stop the next War.

Check out the MP3 radio interview with Paul at the end of the article.

Media Rumours of an Al Qaeda Resurgence: Possible New False Flag Terror in Immediate Future.

The Mainstream Media have been reporting "intelligence sources" showing that Al Qaeda has regrouped and that an attack in the US may be likely this summer.

We have US Homeland Security documents warning of "terror spectaculars" and a draft copy of the US National Intelligence Estimate warning that Al Qaeda is, has, or is in the process of, sneaking agents into the USA.

We also have a lot of stories dealing with the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier entering the Gulf. As Mike Rivero points out at What Really Happened, perhaps this coverage (more than what was shown for the other aircraft carrier groups entering the Gulf) is designed to draw attention to the ship which may be a target of a staged attack that will be blamed on Iran. A likely possibility.

Staged attacks are hard to predict, but as we have seen with 911, the consequences of "successful" false flag operations are disastrous. We must be prepared for losses of individual freedom, a draft if you live in the USA, and more.
At the moment there is serious political pressure in the US to act on the Iraq War failure (although no one seems to know what should be done) and from other quarters there is pressure to attack Iran.

Unfortunately, the only serious terror attacks we might see in the US will be staged or orchestrated operations masterminded by the same Intelligence operatives and rouge elements that gave us September 11.

(thanks to Tired for the second link!)

RECAP: The NeoCon Agenda. Why there is a War in Iraq.

I am reposting this story in light of the fact of there being "war fatigue" in the USA and that none of the political parties wants to either "cut and run" or "stay the course". Well, we can make a start by ARRESTING those resonsible for the DELIBERATE LIES that started the war and holding them as enemies of the United States of America:

The Neocons have always sought to invade Iraq. They Lied about the WMDs and the threat of Saddam from the get go ... This clip shows the background to the US officials who wanted to attack Iraq.

Note: This shows motive behind staging the 911 False Flag attacks. Furthermore, keep in mind that it is likely that some members the US military would have supported any Neocon drive to launch such a false flag operation. It is a FACT that during the 1960's ALL the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on launching similar false flag attacks (see OPERATION NORTHWOODS) but were stopped by the US political leadership. In 2001 the physical evidence (see sidebar to this page) indicates that an operation of this sort was allowed to go ahead. The USA needs to be rounding up a few Neo Cons and holding them as enemy combatants until they can be put on trial.

Friday, 13 July 2007

British Global Warming Swindle Documentary Airs in Australia: Argument Shown to Be Fundamentally Flawed

The Great Global Warming Swindle documentary has recently been aired in Australia. The Swindle program's position is that Global Warming is not related to Human activities. However, in vigorous debate it has been shown that the science used in the documentary to make such claims is distorted or just plain wrong.
This link provides 5 brief rebuttals to the core arguments presented in the controversial documentary.

One particular Swindle documentary claim that has recently gained a lot of internet support is that the recent increases in global temperatures are related to increases in the Sun's temperatures. Yes, the Sun does affect the global temperature (along with the Earth's orbit ie. the Ice Ages) but the current short term temperature increases have been going on longer than the recent Sun temperature increase. The correlation lies with the CO2 level increase not the Sun.

Furthermore, I do not think it is a generally good idea to pump billions of tonnes of Carbon into our atmosphere that has hitherto been buried under ground for many millions of years.

The reader must also recognise that all science is based on a level of uncertainty- so we cannot be entirely sure how things will pan out. However, in the case of Global warming, it is better to err on the side of caution.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Bush Administration: They Thought they were Gods.
The NeoCons "make their own reality"- they are "making history"- which we are merely following.

It is good to remember this arrogance when considering future actions of the Bush adminstration. It's old news, but important news for these dangerous times.
Check out the link.

250 Billion in Losses Threatens the Big Banks that financed the US Mortgage Brokers.
Bad Debt USA. The economic recession/depression chickens are coming home to roost.

The US stockmarket is in peril from the report here. Their underlying economy is not strong to start with. Time will show us how things will play out. Probably not well for all of us in the global economy.

Visiting CIA Veteran: The War in Iraq and Aghanistan is Lost.
I guess he is right !!

One thing about CIA types. Even though some might appear "good", and talk good sense they are still spooks. I can have one level of conversation about things that I would give a modified conversation to other people to avoid getting in a big argument over certain controversial issues. He is likely to know a lot of things that we might guess about, for which he has hard information that is classified. Thus gives us a nicer version of events when speaking on the public record.
His CV also says he helped set up the torture rendition flights in 1995.... nasty !!
I guess if you wanna torture people "legally" to find out about Iraqi "nookular" weapons and WMDs - that did not exist, then it's all good !!

It's a pity all these spooks (maybe not this guy?) are NOT fully doing their jobs in protecting ordinary people. I mean, if I was them I'd be looking to infiltrate terror groups and have spies- which they do- but they also set up false flag ops and run drugs and all manner of questionable stuff ... and these intelligence people end up defending their crooked system.... and then ordinary people get killed for this "higher" twisted "big picture" system. Those maintaining this power relationship, including information power, are all about protecting the status quo. Power protecting power in order to maintain leverage. It's all about power relationships. Playing the game. (I'm sure ex-FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has something to say about that, if she could speak. She is legally gagged from revealing the criminal [intelligence] activities she uncovered between certain countries in relation to the 911 attacks- including the USA.)

I listen to these CIA folks, but I don't trust em. Nevertheless, in this case, the CIA guy here seemed to be talking good sense.
Thanks for the link Mr Brentos !

Monday, 9 July 2007

Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth: More than 130 Building Experts say 911 was an Inside Job.
One Hundred and Thirty building experts now accept that the attacks on the World Trade Centre were an inside job. The physics and testing on materials make this conclusion unavoidable. Check it out.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

MSNBC's Olbermann Calls for Bush/Cheney Resignations
Please note, in reference to Watergate- no one was killed because of Watergate whereas in this case the Plame spy revelations were made in order to hide the lies that Ambassador Wilson was exposing about the Iraqi WMDs. Deliberate lies that eventually led to a War.

Bush and Cheney should be seen as committing and covering up acts of Treason against the United States. Someone, most likely at the orders of Cheney with the approval of Bush, WAS responsible for deliberately releasing the identity of a covert CIA operative to the press. If the actual persons responsible cannot be tried as Traitors then those covering it up must be charged with obstructing justice- this goes for Cheney and Bush, not only for Libby.

Plus the original Lies about WMDs that started the war in themselves constitute Treasonous actions. Deliberately Lying in order to engage in a war for profit is a War Crime. They have betrayed the trust of their office and need to face Justice

Ending the 911 Debate and the War on Terror with a Simple Scientific Proof.

This is a picture of MOLTEN STEEL being removed from the WTC Rubble pile. There are only two reasonable ways that this amount of steel could have reached such a high temperature.
1. In a blast furnace.
2. From Explosives.
The rubble pile was not a blast furnace.
Therefore one must assume that explosives were the most likely agent.

Recently the chemical signature for the explosive THERMATE was discovered in multiple samples taken from WTC steel and dust proving explosives WERE used.

At the very least, part of the 911 attacks against the World Trade Centre complex MUST have been an Inside Job - Bin Laden's men could not have gained the necessary access to the buildings.

For those who look, it can be seen that the entire official story is a sham.

The sharade must end. Various Neocons and Military officials need to be arrested NOW and detained as suspected unlawful enemy combantants. US Judicial Agents and/or Military must act. A new indepentent criminal investigation must be launched. If nothing is done then we face another 911 style false flag terror attack in the very near future and further unnecessary wars.

If you are a US Judge, Congressman, Senator or high ranking Military Official it is your duty to arrest these men. Look into this matter and Act Now -your country is depending on you.

J.S. Nielsen

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Official NISTs Study into 911 Building Collapses Exposed as Scientific Fraud.

Two scientists explain exactly why the official investigation into the World Trade Towers attacks is a lie. There is no queston, the official study into the 911 Tower collapses is bogus.

(There is one error here. The voice over states a B-52 had crashed into the Empire State Building in the past and that the Twin Towers were designed to withstand attacks from airliners. The aircraft in question was actually a WW2 B-25 bomber- a much smaller aircraft. Apart from this, the comments from the scientists should be taken seriously.)

Ron Paul: Leading Presidential Candidate & the Only Hope for the USA.

Ok, I am re-posting this Ron Paul video because it is supercool and highly relevant.
He is the great hope for the USA at the moment. His views are radically different, and vastly more sane, when compared to all the other Presidential Candidates positions. He is now leading in ALL the polls and is therefore a threat to the establishment. For this reason he might get "knocked off". The establishment friendly mainstream media continues to hide his popularity by denying that he is the frontrunner. Good luck Ron Paul !!

On a side note: In the clip Paul warns about the US economy being based on MASSIVE UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT, at 2:16 secs. (Also see the story that follows below).

US Economy on the Edge: Fears of Economic Depression

The US Housing Debt Crisis is set to expand threatening hedge funds, the markets and the wider economy. A huge global recession is very likely.

Pay off your debts ASAP & expect a big loss in your share values. The bubble is set to burst according to this article !!