Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Ron Paul- US Presidential Candidate (censored in Media). Very important story.

8 minute clip. cool music.
It is a promotional clip but it nevertheless contains accurate information about the candidate and his message. It's good, please check it out.

You see, the US mainstream media is trying to censor this guy because his message is vastly different to all the other contenders and he is a threat to the establishment. Even though Ron Paul is the most popular Candidate in the Republican Party Debates I'm sure most of you have never hear of him.

The main thing is that he is the best chance for fixing up the USA. The US does not have to be the bad guy anymore. I got high hopes for this bloke- and so do heaps of Americans who have voted him the best speaker in the recent TV debates. Unfortunately the commentators barely mention him !! They only talk about the corrupt ones like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani (yes, they are very ethically challenged.) The polls show Ron Paul as the frontrunner, yet articles you might have read in The Age or the Herald Sun will not even mention the guy. Articles from the New York Times and Washington Post, the "best" US papers, do not even mention him. No kiddding ....


I think the messages in the clip here are somewhat inspirational. Hope you enjoy it !!
I dunno how long Ron Paul will last until he get's sidelined...

Good Luck to him !!!!!!!

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Chris said...

Ron Paul for President 2008 !!!!!!!

HA HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

He actually seems like a good person .. my god! Hopefully the media doesnt shut him down!