Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Neo Con Agenda. Why there is a War in Iraq.

The Neocons have always sought to invade Iraq. They Lied about the WMDs and the threat of Saddam from the get go ... This clip shows the background to the US officials who wanted to attack Iraq.

Note: This shows motive behind staging the 911 False Flag attacks. Furthermore, keep in mind that it is likely that some members the US military would have supported any Neocon drive to launch such a false flag operation. It is a FACT that during the 1960's ALL the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on launching similar false flag attacks (see OPERATION NORTHWOODS) but were stopped by the US political leadership. In 2001 the physical evidence (see sidebar to this page) indicates that an operation of this sort was allowed to go ahead. The USA needs to be rounding up a few Neo Cons and holding them as enemy combatants until they can be put on trial.

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