Monday, 18 June 2007

Lying about Iran in order to start Another War
Anti has a whole host of great writers.
Without doubt the talk about Iran's threat to the West is a lie. The stuff you read in the mainstream media are lies and distortions. Our Mainstream media, is hopeless. They have, through gross negligence & blind arrogance (I am being generous here), allowed the criminals* to get away with murder. If Bloggers and the alternative media can point out the lies and demand accountability then what is wrong with our highly paid and well resourced mainstream journalists ?
Just as the evidence for Iraq's WMDs was a DELIBERATE LIE, so too are the claims made about Iran- they are fabrications. Our mainstream media continues to be complicit in the crimes, so long as they keep printing the lies without identifying them as such.

*The chief criminals are those US (and UK) officials who are deliberately lying about the threats - the same ones who told us about WMDs. We really need to see these folks brought to account.

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